CbusShops Elite membership costs less than Amazon Prime

Now that Amazon has opted to increase their Prime membership fee by $20, that's 17%, we thought we would reexamine the value CbusShops Elite members enjoy as compared to Amazon Prime. As you may know the CbusShops Elite membership costs $79 per year. Our Elite members enjoy unlimited same day deliveries for a year with no added costs. We do embed a $3.95 service like other same day delivery services and we don't offer to get your delivery to you 10 minutes faster for an added $5 fee. Our membership is simple. $79 per year, unlimited same day and next day deliveries to your address.

Amazon Prime now costs $139. Far be it from us to speculate on rising costs at Amazon but we do find it interesting that we generally accept the current American inflation rate is between 7 and 9 percent but the Prime increase is 17%. Hmm. 

Does CbusShops include streaming TV? No - we're Netflix fans. If you know Reed Hastings at Netflix and you're a member we suggest asking him to call us. We'll be happy discuss bundle options and then maybe we can say CbusShops 

Reed Hastings of Netflix buys 20 million in stock

Elite membership includes streaming TV. As a kind and thoughtful author, I put that in for the SEO team.

If you're not familiar with the full story of CbusShops we won't bore you with the details but here's the cliff notes version and a link to our FAQs:

  1. Founder was working at lululemon
  2. Frequently processed US Mail orders that would arrive in 3-5 days
  3. He realized the mail cost could be replaced with a delivery fee and the customer gets the pants faster and lulu misses less sales

blah blah blah and now you can get over 300 same day deliveries each year from any store found at Polaris Fashion Place and Easton Town Center for $79.

Welcome our newest marketplace partner, MMELO 


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