Our Story

We were born in retail. Our founder, Jack Hendrix, was working in a popular athletic clothing store when he saw an opportunity. If so many people are willing to come to a store, why can't the store come to them?

Yes, online stores are great - but they have a drawback. Consumers and retailers have to pay high shipping fees and wait sometimes up to two weeks for their products to arrive. Why? With nearly 1 million people living within 20 miles of Polaris Fashion Place, why can't the mall offer delivery much like a food delivery service?

Well, now they can. CbusShops is the third party delivery service that creates a free delivery option for retailers, adds more value for the customer, and gets products delivered faster than ever.

No matter what the situation is, we will always put you first. We work hard every single day to be an advocate for retailers and their customers. As we grow and continue on this journey, we will never forget why we do what we do. We do what we do for you. We're sick of letting the Amazon bully destroy our industry. We're here to put a stop to it.

We deliver.



Companies have tried same day retail delivery before. Some big names even gave it a go. But, they all failed. Why? Logistically, it doesn't make sense. Retailers, as opposed to restaurants, are more spread out and not near dense populations. It doesn't make sense to deliver from a bunch of retailers simply because there would be too much driving involved and the cost would be outrageous for the customer. We found a unique solution to that problem. CbusShops delivers from stores that are located in shopping malls. Think of the malls like CbusShops' distribution centers. Because we are only delivering from one location, we can keep prices low while still delivering from over 100 stores. The mall also adds the benefit of ordering from multiple stores. Because we are still only delivering from one location, the delivery charge never goes up. For example, if a customer wanted to order from 6 different stores, they are actually paying only $2/store and still getting same day delivery. CbusShops' advanced design and structure is the first same day delivery service that actually makes sense for both the retailer and the consumer.

245. The rallying cry that keeps us going. The fuel to our fire. The spark that began our growth.

Reduce lost sales

How often does one of your locations have a product, but the other doesn't? Pretty often. With old retail, that customer has a decision to make. Order online which takes time and costs money to ship, drive to the other location which is an extreme inconvenience and hardly ever happens, and their last option, worst of all, is to go to a competitor and get the product from them. With CbusShops, you solve the problem of lost sales due to scattered inventory. We will deliver that product on the same day they order it and they won't need to drive all over town - therefore reducing barriers in the buying process.

Same day delivery

It's pretty amazing. Never before have your locations had the ability to offer same day delivery on a consistent basis. Not only is this service really cool, it's innovative. We've found a logistical solution to long lead times customers often face. Now, the retailer has the advantage over, to keep things legal, The Forest. You've always been strong enough to fight them, we're just the glove you've needed to get in the ring.

No charge to you

Yes, you read that right. CbusShops comes at no charge to you whatsoever. Food delivery service charge upwards of 30% of sales. CbusShops doesn't take a dime. No hidden fees. No catches. Nothing like that at all. It's free - as free as free can be. When CbusShops does well, your company does well.


Your customers expect a lot. The retail game is becoming ever more competitive and with one large company beginning to take over, retailers need to find ways to fight back. Same day delivery is a service that isn't being utilized well right now. Yes, you can get a tube of toothpaste. But CbusShops takes it to a whole new level. CbusShops is the first company to effectively deliver products same day from name brand retailers. Through an effective thought process and thorough design, we have created the world's best retail delivery system in the world.

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Our team is built with retail and marketplaces in mind. We have the knowledge and real world experiences to provide retailers what they deserve.

Jack Hendrix

Founder & CEO

Mike Hendrix

Chief Growth Officer