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The CbusShops Favs program is designed to help shoppers find items they may enjoy or want to purchase as a gift from stores found at Easton Town Center or Polaris Fashion Place. All of the items we highlight in CbusShops Favs are available for same day delivery to any location within 20 miles of either shopping mall.

We update the items every 14 days on Thursdays and make them easy to find on the CbusShops homepage. Our retail partners often request we include a few items they are presently promoting and we try to accommodate them but if an item is out of date or not appropriate for our Favs list we politely decline.

We generally promote our CbusShops Favs list with email, social media and sometimes text messaging and we try to highlight customer's review to help shoppers learn about the items in our list. 

CbusShops Favs


We are believers in technology but more importantly, we believe in people and the communities they create. This is part of why we are so supportive of shopping malls. Shopping malls, like Polaris Fashion Place and Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, are the original marketplaces made up of stores with thousands of people serving millions of customers. The jobs these people hold provide millions in tax dollars for schools, road maintenance and social support. CbusShops delivers products purchased from these stores, not from dark distribution centers and so every time we make a delivery, we are growing the businesses at the malls and helping them maintain or grow their employee count.

Beyond helping the businesses associated with the shopping mall industry, we also aim to play an important role in our nation's move toward improved sustainability. We do not typically hire delivery drivers who are not already working at the shopping mall where their deliveries begin. Why add another car to our roadways when mall employees are already driving home after leaving work? Our drivers deliver packages to our customers located on or near their route home. We call our strategy Hub-to-Home and it's a winner for everyone.

Nothing matters if we don't offer great value and convenience to our customers. We know there are lots of products people can buy and have them delivered but we also know there are too many gaps in the current value proposition. Consumers can rarely find the great brands and products in an easy to navigate eCommerce marketplace website or app. We also know consumers are always drawn to affordable, improved convenience and that's exactly what we provide. We deliver the best products, gifts, fashion and technology the same day you buy it. We do it with a smile and a servant's heart. We hope you'll like the service and use it again and again.

So that's what we do and who we are. We want to help you enjoy a convenient experience while helping lots of retail workers enjoy growing paychecks and job security and we hope to play a part in sustainability along the way.

Same Day Delivery in Columbus OH


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