Frequently Asked Questions


Orders placed by 3pm EST will be delivered on the same day. Orders placed after 3pm EST will be delivered by the end of the next day.

Our delivery radius is 20 miles from any of our partner locations.

We do! All of our orders are delivered by Chypp Ambassadors who specialize in delivering retail products fast.

With Chypp Collect, we pick up your pickup orders for you! Simply place a buy-online, pickup in-store order from a shopping mall retailer.

Then, take a screenshot of your order confirmation and upload it here.

From there, you can check out and we'll have your products to you as soon as possible.


We work directly with retailers. Every product you buy from Chypp comes directly from one of your local stores. We do not work with resellers. Every product on our website is being offered by the retailer directly.

To return a product, simply take it back to the retailer it came from. We currently do not offer a return service but be sure to watch out for it in the very near future!

Elite Memberships

We offer both an annual and monthly Elite membership. Annual memberships are $99/year and monthly memberships are $12/month.

Heck no! We don't charge any silly fees like a convenience or service fee (leave that to the food guys). Elite members get unlimited completely free same day delivery.

Make sure you are signed in prior to checkout. At checkout, use code ELITE to unlock your free delivery discount.

Not getting your automatic free shipping? First things first, make sure you log in to your account before proceeding to checkout. Second, if your discount still isn't being applied, use code ELITE at checkout and your shipping fee will become $0.

Text us!

(614) 482-2800


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