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At CbusShops we know the importance of defining and delivering value for and to retail companies. Essentially, why do we believe you should do business with us?

There are several key answers to this question. For this article let’s focus on one: FASTER THAN AMAZON.

People who have purchased an Amazon Prime membership say the #2 reason they purchased the annual membership was fast shipping. The #1 reason was free shipping. The ‘ELITE’ membership we sell beats Amazon on both fronts but let’s stay focused on FAST.

Consumers' desire for ‘now’ has become their expectation. There are countless

CbusShops delivers faster than Amazon

studies and posts that illustrate how consumer expectations have evolved over time. “Patience Zero - Restlessness of the Modern Consumer” and other articles show how human attention span impacts consumer expectations. It is more than clear that retailers offering same day delivery have a decided advantage over those not offering the service and this includes an advantage over Amazon.

Conrads College Gifts, Jake’s Toggery and others are selling items that can be found on Amazon but they offer the consumer a more immediate experience by offering same day delivery and as a result they are winning.

We have developed technology that makes it easy to work with us and provide consumers the best retail options in central Ohio. Every sale we assist comes from a brick and mortar store and contributes to our goal of helping our local retail economy.


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