A mentality.

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The mentality

We stand strong

Our founder, our team, and our operations stand strong. We will work every single day for the things and the people we believe in. And the second somebody attacks that, we'll be there to stand up. Our clients fight for their customers, our team fights for our clients, and our founder will fight for anybody and everything that this company stands for. This company stands strong.

Our people

Our team is a carefully picked group of individuals that stand up for what they believe in. We believe that when something happens to somebody or something you care about, it also happens to you. And our team stands up for themselves and those they care about - no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Rest assured, if you are a customer, client, team member, or partner - our team will fight for you - no matter what.

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We're young, we're strong

We're young. We're new. And yes, we're just a little bit crazy. But we know the power of what we're building. We know that we are paving a new road for retail. We know our roadmap. And we know that we're the conductors of a train that simply won't stop - for anything or anyone. The 245 mentality is a powerful thing and not only is it here to stay to stay, it's been here for awhile.

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We stand up for the people we care about. No matter what, we'll go to the ends of the earth for those we love.

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Our values are simple: Fight for those you care about, stand up for what you believe in, and be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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We're built on love. We love our team. The people we've worked with since day one - we love every single one of them. We don't exist without everybody that's put that CbusShops logo on their chest - and to them, we say thank you.

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