CbusShops delivers same day from stores in the Easton Town Center, including Easton Marketplace, Easton Station and Easton Square and Polaris Fashion Place.

We call this a Hub-to-Home delivery strategy and it's the most environmentally friendly same day delivery option available in Columbus, OH.

We want to make deliveries easy to order and simple to execute. You can order a delivery in almost any way you chose. You can send us a text; 614-482-2800 and ask us to purchase you a frying pan and deliver it to you and we will. You can place your own pick-up order, pay for it yourself and send us your pick-up details and we'll bring it to you. To do that, follow this link: https://cbusshops.com/products/columbus-same-day-delivery



You can purchase products directly on this website and we'll deliver them. We want to grow our list of available products in this marketplace. Our long-term goal is to include every item available at the malls we service, for purchase on this website. Find over 1,000 items HERE

Our delivery fees are simple and transparent. We do not charge you a delivery fee and a convenience fee. We do not guilt you into tipping our drivers.

Our fees: $7.99 per delivery to 'your' home. This could include 13 items from 4 different stores at the same mall. The total delivery fee would be $7.99 + tax.
Purchase an annual ELITE membership for $79.00 and enjoy unlimited 'free' deliveries to the same address for the next 365 days. We offer the same membership at a month to month rate of $12.00.

We offer same day and scheduled delivery for large orders. Please visit CbusHaul for more information on this service.





All products will be picked up at either the Easton Town Center or Polaris Fashion Place location


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